Revealed... the PROVEN Method to Get Exponential Engagement & Sales on Social Media without paying for any ads!

If marketing is about putting your message where your audience hangs out (which it is), then social media is a no brainer.

The question is... Does your audience actually SEE you?

Every day, people log into social networks like Facebook & Linkedin and they're shown a "post" on their news feed.

But the chances are... it's not your post they see.

If you’re reading this right now, you want to build your personal brand. Only problem is…

You don’t know where to start or not getting the results you want.

Trust me I know the feeling. For months, the only “prospects” engaging with my content were friends and family.

Even though I appreciate their effort in trying to get me social proof...I made zero sales.

I also spent hours upon hours trying to create content...burning the midnight oil on a regular basis…

Only to have zero engagement...maybe a few likes if I was lucky.

I knew the importance of a personal brand, but I was just stuck.

And it was frustrating because all these big-wig influencers were all screaming “Build a personal brand! Build a personal brand!”

But that’s easier said than done. Especially when most of those influencers got a LUCKY spark of virality.

That virality created a snowball effect for them to capitalize on. And this resulted in hundreds of thousands or millions of followers.

And of course with that, comes money and influence. So it’s easy for those guys to say BUILD A PERSONAL BRAND OR DIE.

But what about us small guys? Should we just keep hoping and praying…?

That one of our videos gets a ton of shares and like?

That one of our posts gets a ton of tags and comments…?

That any piece of our content gets shared by a big publisher or influencer…?

What if I could show you EXACTLY how to be the TOP POST your audience sees when they open up their social news feed?

Well... I can.

I've given HUNDREDS of people an "unfair advantage" by teaching them not only how to dominate the news feed, but also how to turn their audience into raving fans that turn into paying customers.

I created a program called "Social Copy Secrets" to do just that.

Social Copy Secrets was created after HUNDREDS of hours of research about the BEST performing posts on social media... PERIOD.

Since 2015, I've had my team analyze EVERY single Facebook post that we've done for my brands, my clients brands, and some of the top influencers online.

You can take a look at some of the data below:

We collected EVERYTHING about the posts...

  • How much engagement posts get (likes, comments, and shares)
  • What type of post (Long Form, Short Form, Picture, Video, Links, Polls, FB Live, etc)
  • How many sales (YES - Many of the posts were used to sell products or services)

It's safe to say, that after over 10,000 ORGANIC posts (meaning, not paid) on Facebook, and Linkedin I've been able to truly understand the social media "algorithms". 

I found out EXACTLY the type of content that performs the best. 

The truth is... I actually created "Social Copy Secrets" as an internal training for my own copywriting team for my Branding Agency (

But - after I trained my team, one of them said "this is really good, you should sell this!"

And so.... "Social Copy Secrets" was born.

So what are you actually going to LEARN?


How to craft the perfect “engagement post” that brings in a wave of attention and sales.


How to “hack” the algorithm and dominate your prospect’s newsfeed. Now you’ll be top of mind and unforgettable to your prospect.


The 6 psychological triggers that pushes the “buy button” inside your prospect’s brain.

The secret to selling on social media is making people EXCITED to buy from you.

That's why I'm also going to show you... 

  • How to engage with your audience to create “predictable” and repeat engagement post after post.
  • How to transition from a social post to a sale. (Literally make money from a single post.)
  • How to turn your social media networks into reliable income sources through copy.
  • How to create the right type of content to post (without being too salesy).
  • How to follow-up from social posts and turn them into sales.
  • Knowing best call to actions to make people “TAKE ACTION” on your posts.

Think it’ll take awhile before you become “socially savvy”?

Nope. Take my proven templates that I use to generate sales and create engagement.

I’m throwing these in as a bonus. Copy and paste them into your message

You’re going to get:

Boosted Checkout Page Copy ($127):

The 9 lines of copy that have boosted my conversions by 62.4% on my checkout page. This is something “experts” say is overkill, but numbers don’t lie.

Proven Testimonial Script ($97):

The same exact script I use to collect testimonials on autopilot! Not just vague testimonials, but detailed testimonials that proves the quality of your product or service. (You’ll see some below)

The Social Closer’s Script ($97):

This simple 3 step script has put thousands of dollars in bank account through Facebook messenger. There’s an art to socially selling. And there’s nothing pushy or manipulative about it.

I’m Also Throwing in MORE FREE Bonuses!

You’re going to participate in 3 LIVE 60-90 minute workshops with me.
This includes downloadable worksheets to craft your social copy on the spot!

The infamous “CLEAR” Copywriting Workshop

($297 Value)

This is the exact workshop I taught to over 100 students. We went over how to create WINNING social posts. Most of my students have seen EXPONENTIAL increases in engagement a week after. Some of my students even got their first sale the day after.

EVERGREEN Content Workshop 

($197 Value)

Think you don’t have enough ideas to write about everyday for a year? I’ll show you exactly how I create enough content to last a only one day. It’s the exact method I use to craft over thousands of posts last year.

Target Audience Workshop

($197 Value)

I’ll show you how to dial in on your target market. Find out all the pains and desires that move your industry. Then I’ll show you how to craft compelling posts that they CAN’T IGNORE...and pushes on the “buy button” in their brain.

And like if that wasn't enough?

You can network with fellow students! Business is about relationships. You can find your next profitable relationship in a group full of like-minded individuals.


You'll have access to me and my team along with others who are in the program.

I want to show you something very special about the group.

I asked my students to post the results from their first ever post made after learning "Social Copy Secrets"

I took a screenshot of all the engagement the first 13 people who shared their link and this is what I got.

That's 4,560 Audience Engagement (likes, comments & shares)

Now, you also have to understand that the engagement rate on Facebook is less than 3%. 

That means that those 13 posts would have received over 150,000 views to get 4,560 engagement!!

How much would your business change if you had THOUSANDS of eyeballs on your message?


I got a huge jump in engagement. Would estimate it to be around an instant 200% jump in engagement. And not just more likes, comments and shares, but all of the engagements were also more meaningful. People connected to my posts in a much more significant and meaningful way after the method was implemented. That means more revenue and a more rapid ability to build thought leadership.

Peter Lynch  //  Founder & CEO | Hitch Studio

Copywriting is part of what I do and the services I offer as a coach/consultant. I had decent like and comments and I was a little arrogant in thinking what more could Jeff teach me. My first time using the method to write a post my engagement went out the roof!!! I would have to say my likes and comment quadrupled at the very least. Definitely made a believer out of me. This is now one of the tools that I don’t go without in my business. I have clients reaching out to me more and more to help them with their messaging. And this is all organic through FB, Insta and LinkedIn. I’m selling more high end programs organically using the clear method.

Shayla Locklear  //  Marketing Consultant

Get instant access to Social Copy Secrets now!

✔️  If you are ready to start making a huge impact on social media

✔️  If you are ready to grow a following who can't resist your social content.

✔️  If you are committed to growing your brand.

If you follow my methods taught in “Social Copy Secrets” and can send me screenshots of your posts not getting traction, I will refund your money 100%. My goal is to have a 100% success rate for ever single person in the “Social Copy Secrets” program. BUT - There's a catch to join the "Social Copy Secrets" Program You MUST give permission to use your success as a case study I will feature on my live presentations, webinars, and ads. If you are NOT willing to let me share your success story to the world - then I forbid it. There will be a check box on purchase that requires your participation in a success story about your results in the program. I am committed to your success.

So What's Inside?

You're going to be walked step-by-step how to get attention on social media.

Below is a look at EXACTLY what you're going to learn and why!

  1. 1
    UNIT 1:  THE "SOCIAL SETUP" & DEFINING YOU. The first step of building a raving fan following is developing a deep emotional connection to your audience. I'm going to show you how to position yourself on social media to earn respect, credibility, and trust.
  2. 2
    UNIT 2: THE 5 STEP METHOD TO SOCIAL STORYTELLING.  Everyone has a story, but not everyone is good at telling that story. In this lesson, you'll learn the PROVEN formula to create engaging stories that suck people in and make them beg for more. You'll also learn how to create a ton of content with very little time and effort using my own templates.
  3. 3
    UNIT 3: Posting Strategies to Build Your Audience, Influence, and Profits. You'll learn the “Comment Tree Method” that generates engagement on autopilot. It’s the ultimate type of post for social proof. You'll also learn the absolute best "Call-to-Actions" to put on your posts to get the most interaction from your audience. (+ templates)
  4. 4
    UNIT 4: THE 5 KEY ELEMENTS TO MONETIZING YOUR AUDIENCE. Dial in your audience and understand EXACTLY how to write copy that makes them pull out their wallet. The 5 key elements CRITICAL to writing copy that converts into sales.
  5. 5
    UNIT 5: HOW TO CRAFT AN OFFER THAT CONVERTS. Just duplicate the entire columns row to add new chapters/modules and adjust the text accordingly. The list shouldn't feel endlessly long, but don't shy away from presenting a dozen chapters.
  6. 6
    UNIT 6: BEHIND THE SCENE TECHNICAL VIDEOS. It's one thing for me to "tell" you how to do something - but it's better if you see for yourself. I show you EXACTLY from start to finish how to craft offers, build out funnels, and even make sales live!
  7. 7
    UNIT 7: LIVE TEARDOWNS & EXAMPLES. I'm going to show you with proven examples how to "pre-frame" your audience to buy from you. How to make people make up their minds to buy from you BEFORE you even offer it. You'll get to see for yourselves from my own copy, as well as others in the program as I tear apart what works - and what doesn't!


I used to get about 7 likes (maybe 1-2 comments) and I had a post get 60+ likes/reactions and 65 comments. Since using the strategy it has almost 10x my likes reactions and 30x my comments. This gave me the opportunity to interact with more people - people I have never talked to, got more people asking for help/guidance, pushed my content in front of a wider audience (greater visibility), positioned me as a person of authority, AND (the best part) people are now contacting me on other platforms asking for products/resources because I have a larger presence on Facebook + have seen me.

Aubrey Ibele  //  CEO & Founder | KETO BODY

Before the strategy, I would get only 1-3 comments on a post, now 30-50 likes, with 5-8 comments, and 3-5 private messages. The biggest one is that it's given me the confidence to refine my voice and what my message is. It has basically helped me solidify my brand and what I want to say. Because of this I've been able to write my speech and got a speaking gig, and hopefully more!

Le-An Lacaba  //  CEO | BLNVP Inc

My Promise To You

By the end of this course you’ll know exactly how to create content that turns your brand into an authority.

Not only that, it’s going to put money in your bank account.

I promise you, by the end you’ll know how to:

  1. Create engaging content posts that aren’t salesy and won’t burn your network
  2. Follow-up with prospects that engage with your posts
  3. Ethically persuade people to TAKE ACTION on your posts
  4. Create repeat and predictable social proof
  5. Transform a highly engaged post into a sales post
  6. Turn your social network into predictable sources of income

Ok so to recap, here’s what you’re going to get inside  Social Copy Secrets:

  • Social Copy Secrets ($997)
  • Boosted Checkout Page Copy ($197)
  • Proven Testimonial Script ($97)
  • The Social Closer’s Script ($97)
  • CLEAR Copywriting Workshop ($297)
  • Evergreen Content Workshop ($197)
  • Target Audience Workshop ($197)
  • LIFETIME Access to Private Facebook Group ($597)
  • Social Selling Certification (Priceless)
  • BONUS: Savage Marketer Hat ($23.95)

Total Value: $2,699

But TODAY, you can join "Social Copy Secrets" for only: $997


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When you finish the program you will receive an actual certification you can to hang on your wall. You will be able to sell any valuable product or service “Social Selling Copywriter” Certification.

Jeff J. Hunter

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Social Copy Secrets help me?

What if I'm not good at copywriting?

Are Scholarships Available?

How long does it take to finish Social Copy Secrets?

What if my product isn't a digital product?

Where will the lessons be held?

Jeff J. Hunter  //  Chief Growth Officer

Hi, my name is Jeff Hunter and I help small entrepreneurs go from invisible brands to authorities.

After seeing “influencers” with less experience get more results than me...I had enough.  There was something I was missing. 

Could it be in HOW I was saying things and not WHAT?

So I went on an obsessive rampage to study copywriting.
And by obsessive. I mean obsessive.

I hired 3 copywriters to help me write 2,000 Facebook posts. We posted 5-7 times a day and kept track of all the metrics.
We were literally churning and burning copy like a well-oiled machine.

And after getting out of my own way I started studying the big influencers… That’s when I “figured it out”.

I cracked the social selling code on social media. And because of that I’ve been able to turn my “small brand” into an industry authority.

You see, you don’t need millions of followers…
Or even hundreds of thousands… Even ten thousand is a LUXURY.
Because the money is in the engagement. It took me 2 years and over 4,000 posts to ethically earn my 10,000 followers.

But I started making sales when I only had a few thousand followers. All by posting engaging content on my personal Facebook page (Yes personal not business) without paying a single cent for ads.

Jeff J. Hunter

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